Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Baby Bottle Replacements

Someone asked me a while ago to make a sippy cup bottle replacement and I couldn't because I had no idea how to. So I went and taught myself and it got out of hand :p.
I'm sorry it took so long but here you have a sippy cup AND a bottle for your babies. Well, a bunch of sippy cups and bottles because, like I said, it got out of hand. You get to decide if you want a bottle or a sippy cup. It's up to you.

You get 10 different colors and 3 designs. They are the same for the bottles and sippy cups.
These are default replacements so you can only have one in your game at a time!
You just pick a color/design and plop it in your packages folder then delete your cache files and your done.

Feel free to retexture but please give credit. If you have a tumblr you can tag quiannasims and I will reblog your retexture.

I hope you like these! :)


Sippy Cups

Only .package included since it's a default replacement.

Mega ♥ Mediafire

~*Download (adfly)*~

*Mesh by me
*Hair by me
*Eyes by Shadowwolf5889 (less blue)
*Skin by  Ephemera
*Earrings by me
*Necklace by me
*Clothes by Juliana


  1. there all so adorable (i love the dots and circles bottle best!)

    1. Thank you! :D It's one of my favorites too :)

  2. Is it possible to do the same for the baby and toddlers of the sims 4?
    I liked it for the 3

    1. Hi! I apologize for the late reply. I'm sorry, I only create for the sims 3. I'm glad you like them though :)

  3. do we have to delete the cache files for it to work or is it just recommended