Monday, October 19, 2015


I wanted to make something for Halloween but I didn't know what exactly so I just made these Jack-o-Lantern onesies and a pumpkin hat.
They are for boys and girls. 
They have one recolorable channel and 7 presets with custom CAS thumbnails.

I hope you like them! :)

The hat:
It has 2 recolorable channels and one preset with custom CAS thumbnail.
It's hat slider compatible.
I've never used the hat slider before so it's not perfect.
This is how it looks without the slider:

Both .sims3pack and .package included. Files are already compressed.


~*Download (adfly)*~
Mega ♥ Mediafire

*Hairs by meCazymochasims. meCazyTraelia
*Headband by Traelia
*Skin by  Ephemera
*Earrings by me, meme
*Necklaces by me
*Onesie by me
*Socks by Fuyaya
*Shoes by Base game, furientalpixicat, pixicat


  1. Love your creations they are so adorable! I was wondering, though, how did you get the little kitty headband to go on the toddler? I have the kitty headband for adults and children but I've never seen it for toddlers and I've been looking everywhere trying to find one for them.

    1. Thank you! :D I converted it myself. The original creator is not active anymore so I don't know if it's ok to release it.

  2. Oh and also the snapback for the little Oh and also the snapback on the little cutie in the picture beside her, I hope I'm not asking for too much lol

    1. You can find it here I hope it's what you meant :)

  3. Thank you so much for replying! I know you must be really busy. And thank you for the link it was exactly what I was looking for, although that sucks that shes not active anymore DX I've been dying trying to find a kitty headband for my toddlers lol. Is it very hard to convert them? I'm no creator but I'd love to give it a try

    1. It's not hard to convert but I'm horrible at explaining things. I will probably upload it when I have the time. We'll see. Hopefully no one will bite my head off xp.

  4. oh and idk if you do requests or not, but would you ever consider doing a wild hair for sims 3 toddler girls? like a cute natural hair look, I wish I could post a link to what I mean lol it would be a really cute style. an example is remi hair by sincerelyasimblr maybe one like that?

    1. I do not take requests but I also don't make hairs. I wish I could though

  5. Lol that would be awesome, I'm sure nobody will bite your head off buut if they do though you can it on me I'll take the heat for you I promise lol
    And so do I oml I wish I had talents like you and other creators it looks like so much fun to make your own stuff
    Thanks again for the replies! I really appreciate it<3

  6. Oh and btw the baby earrings and stuff you made are just too adorable I use them on all of my newborns now