Thursday, October 31, 2013

Inma Accessory Set

Today I have what's supposed to look like a spider accessory set for you consisting of earring and necklace.
They are for female teen to elder found under everyday, formalwear, swimwear, athletic and outerwear categories. There are 3 variations with custom CAS thumbnails (except for the necklace because I can't seem to get it to work. Sorry...). Also the weird black shadows on the necklace you see in CAS do not appear in game.

In the .rar file you will find 2 necklace files.
If you have Supernatural expansion pack you can install the file named [Quianna]InmaNecklace.
If you don't have the expansion pack you can install the file named [Quianna]InmaNecklace_BG. This one is base game compatible.

I think that's all. Happy Halloween! :)

Both .sims3pack and .package included. Files are already compressed.


~*Download (adfly)*~

*Mesh by me
*Hairs by NewseaNewseaAnto
*Eyes by Shadowwolf5889 (less blue)
*Skin by  Ephemera
*Nails by PralinesimsPralinesims
*Eyeliner by Pralinesims, Base game
*Eyeshadow by ElexisGosik
*Lipstick by PralinesimsPralinesimsPralinesims
*Blush by Base game, Ephemera

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