Sunday, March 15, 2015

Decor Baby Bottles & Sippy Cups

Now you can have the bottles and sippy cups I made as default replacement as decor objects too.
There's 2 versions of each, 1 empty and 1 with a liquid. 
You can recolor it and have it as milk or juice or whatever you want.

I hope you like them! :)

Both .sims3pack and .package included. Files are already compressed.


~*Download (adfly)*~

*Mesh by me
*Changing table by editsim
*Toys by Pets, AnoeskaB
*Painting by Simagine
*Diaper stacker by cemre
*Carpet pattern by Simlicious
*Walls by Simsinspring
*Dresser by Supernatural


  1. Gosto muito das suas criações são perfeitas e muito criativas. Obrigada por compartilhar ! :D

  2. Replies
    1. Hello! I'm sorry for the late reply. These can be found in Buy Mode and you can put them anywhere you want as decorations :).