Saturday, January 14, 2017

Pokémon Onesies (for Kids)

Hello hello!

Pokémon onesies! That's all.

Just kidding. Why did no one tell me I forgot to make these for child sims? Seriously :p.

Okay in all seriousness now. Have these cute onesies!
They are for boys and girls. You get the 5 presets shown with custom CAS thumbnails and you can find them in the sleepwear category . 

If you also want them for toddlers and babies you can get them here and here.

I hope you like! :)

Both .sims3pack and .package included. Files are already compressed.


~*Download (adfly)*~

*Hairs by NewseaLapiz, Island Paradise, meLapiz
*Eyes by Shadowwolf5889 (less blue)
*Skin by  Ephemera
*Socks by Base Game
*Shoes by Pets


  1. Thanks! I love how these look on children, they're so fun and cute. :)